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What we do: Reia is a healthcare start up focused on improving the treatment experience for people with pelvic organ prolapse. Reia’s first product is a non-surgical treatment option for POP called a pessary. Reia’s pessary design allows users to manage their pessary on their own and alleviates pain during insertion and removal.

Who we are: Reia is a woman-owned business made up of a team of three engineers and a urogynecologist. Reia was formed through a common dissatisfaction with the current treatment options and a passion for improving the lives of people affected by prolapse. We are currently funded by NIH grants to pursue the development and commercialization of our pessary design.

Reia’s Feedback Community

We are looking to grow our community of interview participants!

When we design products at Reia, we get feedback from people every step of the way. We value the unique perspectives of all people with prolapse, caregivers for people with prolapse, and practitioners who treat people with prolapse. Every reaction, insight, and story helps us make better products. If you are willing to share your perspective, we would love to hear from you.